i’coo Pharo High Chair 666111 / 666135

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Brand : i’coo
Model : 666111 / 666135
SKU : GRA1031
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Product Features

666111 / 666135 i’coo Pharo High Chair by i’coo

The new i’coo Pharo boasts a modern design that will accent your home decor perfectly. The unique footrest and seat allows your child to grow with the chair from six months up to ten years of age. The seat pad offers plenty of soft cushioning and make…

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Product Information

i’coo i’coo Pharo High Chair 666111 / 666135 GRA1031

Product Name : i’coo Pharo High Chair
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Baby/Infant
Product Sub-Group#2 : Youth
Product Categories : High Chairs
Product Model : i’coo 666111 / 666135

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