Molly Combo Dresser Finish: Cherry DC560C

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Brand : AFG International Furniture
Model : DC560C
SKU : AFG1030_7031097
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Product Features

DC560C Molly Combo Dresser Finish: Cherry by AFG International Furniture

-Incredibly durable and elegant touch to your nursery
-Removable hat top drawer unit
-Dovetailed drawers
-Cabinet with adjustable shelf and a hat-top drawer next to an optional changing area
-Has ample storage for all your baby needs…

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Product Information

AFG International Furniture Molly Combo Dresser Finish: Cherry DC560C AFG1030_7031097

Product Name : Molly Combo Dresser Finish: Cherry
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Baby/Infant
Product Sub-Group#2 : Youth
Product Categories : Changing Tables
Product Model : AFG International Furniture DC560C

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